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BtVS 30 Day Challenge ↳ Day 11:  Least Favorite Romance Favorite oneshot character


BtVS 30 Day Challenge
↳ Day 11: Least Favorite Romance Favorite oneshot character

Joss Whedon:  What I was interested in seeing was the character of somebody who is hated and considers the world her enemy, getting the chance to completely destroy the life of somebody who has got everything she doesn’t have and represents everything she doesn’t believe.  And having it affect her instead so that she has no understanding of what she means.  We did that specifically with the line that she says three times [It’s wrong.] and by the end of the show she says it with all sincerity.  She’s become Buffy, she wants more than anything in the world to be Buffy, which is just…impossible for her.


#i will never understand dawn hate #she had a really tough life #i couldn’t imagine what she must have gone through #and thought about when she found out she was the ‘key’#yes she had annoying moments but she was a teenager #a typical teenager #i know people like to think they weren’t THAT annoying but trust me #you were

Day 4 - “Teacher’s Pet”

Oh dear god! I forgot about Xander’s fantasy at the beginning of this episode. For a second there when Xander started his guitar solo, I thought he was going to start playing the theme song. 

Technically, B.O. is a correct answer. The ants create the smells with their bodies to communicate…

I like how Dr. Gregory seems like he’s going to be mean but then he tells Buffy that he believes in her. He is firm but fair. Too bad he gets eaten.

It’s hard to believe it’s happened again / I already met you / And I already met you / You’re like my last girlfriend / Yes, and the girlfriend I had before her

I like to believe the song playing at the Bronze, “Already Met You”, is foreshadowing Xander’s many encounters with lady demons over the years ;)

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top 6 buffy episodes | asked by chersize

Day 3 - “Witch”

Enter cheerleader!Buffy. Desperate for normal. Full of hope. So young, so naive. I am too cynical to watch this episode. I never liked it to begin with…Prepare yourselves for the most forced liveblogging experience ever.

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Day 2 - “The Harvest”

I love how slow the fighting is in the early years. It makes you really appreciate how far they’ve come when you watch the final fight. 

Oh lovely, a Giles lecture! His voice is so relaxing. But I guess it’s also interesting to pay attention to the language Giles uses here. 

Giles:  The books tell the last demon to leave this reality fed off a human, mixed their blood. He was a human form possessed, infected by the demon’s soul

Interesting word choice. Soul. Right off the bat we are taking about souls. It’s like the one constant in BTVS (well duh besides the vamp-slaying… and the magic… and shut up I take it back, there are plenty of series-spanning themes and shit and shut up). Later when the Master is marking Luke as his vessel, they mention souls again:

Master:  My blood is your blood. My soul is your soul.

Master:  Every soul he takes will feed me. And their souls will grant me the strength to free myself. Tonight I shall walk the Earth, and the stars themselves will hide!

So, demons have souls. Or they are souls. Or something. But demon souls are clearly inferior to human souls. That’s all that matters, I guess… Right, because if all the Master needed was souls, he could’ve just fed on demon souls. Or maybe it was just that humans taste better and are easier prey. 

Whatever. Back to liveblogging.

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